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Veressped Limited Joint Stock Company

Veressped was founded in 1999 in order to provide full service for licensed special transports. The company is founded by the managing director Lajos Veres, who worked in the same workfield as a one-man firm. Nowdays, the company has been one of the largest companies on behalf of concerning regulation for the special escorting cars, with qualified employees. Among our hungarian partners, we have an excellent good relationship with Maxi Truck Kft. and Kísérő Kft. Our foreign partners are mostly West European hauliers enterpreises, and it's Eastern representations. We have also partners from Bielorussia, from Poland and from the Southern Slav countries, also from Turkey. The quantity of our orders and our work quality shows, that the number of obtained permits by our company approached to the yearly thousand orders. We have also excellent relationship with the authorizing authority, with the Magyar Közút Kht, but if we need to assure an extrem large transport, our police partners have also a flexible attitude to us and there is no objection to cutting off the current of the railway or others, removing of traffic lights, road-signs or any other signs obstacles clearing roads. Our intention is to serve our kind clients on possibly best prices, on highest quality and assure their transports safety with observance of rules laid down int the permits to theirs destination to our greatest satisfaction.

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